100% wool 17"x13"blk. with dbl. handles 25"L. Plaid w/ shades of blu,wht.,blk. cover front & back.
Fully lined with 4 - 8" inner pockets .Handy inner clip for keys, phone, etc. Magnetic closure.
$90.00 plus shipping.
100% wool 15"x 11 1/2" to 9".Dbl. handles 25" L. Heather golden color. Plaid in tones of grey,blk., wht., & gold complement front & back.Fully lined with 4-5" inner pockets. Handy inner clip for keys, phone,etc.Magnetic closure. $90.00 plus shipping.
Beverage Cover.
Harris Tweed wool. 16" x 6". Fully lined with gusset bottom. Leather buttons adorn the top. Leather strap closure. $20.00 + shipping..
Harris Tweed, 18"x 71/2" Flap front pocket 8"x 6" with woven leather button. The top cuff & back are 100% wool. $20.00 + shipping.
Harris Tweed 19"x 8". Leather hanger. Cuff & back 100% wool. $20.00 + shipping.
Olive green Scottish felted knitted wool.
21"x 9".Dbl.handles 26 1/2" L.Patterned center&bottom.Center is 8"wide with shades
of olive,red,blue,blk,gold & carmel.Lined
with 6-6" inner pockets.Handy inner clip for keys,phone etc.Magnetic closure.
$90.00 plus shipping
Angel 11"x 8"
Harris Tweed wings.Irish linen face&body. Wool hair,curled & styled.Your choice of Tartan front.
$20.00 + shipping
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Adult Tam. Fine.Hand knitted by         Adult Tam. Fine.Hand knitted by
local artisan. Acrylic                          local artisan. Acrylic.
$15.00 + shipping                             $15.00 + shipping